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​IMPAKT Geofysik is a world-class firm in Engineering Geophysics. We work both on land and sea. Our buisness is focused on the Nordic countries, with emphasis on Sweden, Denmark and Norway 

We focus on the early stages of civil engineering projects where there are geological uncertainties that can be mitigated by the use of geophysics.

Geophysics on land

IMPAKT Geofysik AB started off by performing seismic refraction on land. Today, we also perform seismic reflection, ERT and magnetometry on land.

We provide you with the experience and knowledge to plan, perform and present your engineering geophysics project.

Geophysics on water

Some projects start on land and continue into the water, some go the other way round. 

Geophysics on water is something that really can be more efficient than other more direct methods of investigation.

Equipment and vessels

Equipment and vessels are an important part of our mission. Making sure that we are using the appropriate equipment enables us to gather the right data at the right time.​

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Engineering geophysics can pose some challanges and, getting in touch with us, we can start figuring out how to overcome those challanges toghether.


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