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​IMPAKT Geofysik AB was started in the mid 1980's as a firm mainly focusing in refraction seismics. The company has reputation as best in class when it comes to refraction geophysics for engineering projects.

In the middle of the 2010's, IMPAKT branched out and acquired the ability to carry out larger projects that are based close to or at sea.

Our focus is getting the right information at right time in order to decrease uncertainties.

About engineering geophysics

Engineering geophysics is the application of geophysical methods to the investigation of sub-surface materials and structures that are likely to have significant engineering implications.

Engineering geophysics seeks to add valuable information by using geophyicals methods, this information could for example be finding depth to hard bedrock, finding the thickness of a peat.

The major advantage of using geophysics, especially in the early stages of a project is that the methods can provide an overview of the sub-surface. This information can then be used in the design of a drilling program to extract the right information and create the best possible understanding of the sub-surface materials.

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Engineering geophysics can pose some challanges and, getting in touch with us, we can start figuring out how to overcome those challanges toghether.


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